Digital campaign for the washing machine Samsung AddWash with an extra door to add clothes during washing. We created "Matched", an animation campaign where we tell the story of an unpaired sock and how he try to find the love without success. He has dates with others socks, but he has nothing in commont with them. Finally, thanks to this new door, he find his pair again. 
We created different episodes of this endearing story. Each episode told the stories of our protagonist's dates.  And yep, none of them end wellWe completed the campaign with the CalceTinder* activation, a digital game to match socks and give love back to them.

*A play on words that combines the word sock with the name of the dating platform Tinder®. Something like SockTinder.
Due to the success of the campaign, we created a second part. We had seen the story about him, but we didn't know how the sock girl had lived through her time as a mismatched girl. So we went inside the washing machine to find out her story. 
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