Energy poverty is a global health problem that affects one third of the world's population. Hospitals all over the world are forced to operate almost in the dark. A reality so unreal that we decided to tell the story without any fiction. For ten days we worked on night duty in hospitals in Sierra Leone to bring this reality to our own. Then we took a look at what is happening in many areas of Spain, where the lack of electricity supply threatens the health of more than 6 million people.We hope that the efforts of all those people who have decided to share such difficult moments will help to get help so that fewer and fewer people live through it. That is their hope. 

Bronze CDC - Anua​​​​​​​rio CDC
GOLD FIAP - SILVER FIAP​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Taking advantage of the conversation about rising electricity bills, we created a donation tool: "The Positive Electricity Bill". A utility bill that is paid through donations in order to bring electricity to the people who need it most. To motivate people to donate, we carried out a study* that calculated how much energy could be obtained with each donation and what it meant in terms of medical aid. 

*study by Domestic Data Streamers
+230.000 euros raised by donations
11,6 M PR impacts
+800.000 PR value
+500% interacción social
In addition to the TV spots and using the data from the global energy poverty study, we developed a social media campaign with short formats in which each piece was a window into this other dark reality. 
CAse study - spanish version
CAse study - english version
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