La Casera is a soft drink created in 1949 in Spain. Until a few years ago, it was a unique soda without competition. But now, supermarket own-brand labels have replicated it. They sell it at a lower price, but it's also a lower-quality product. To turn this situation around, we decided to do something that the competition couldn't: look back at our history and reclaim the brand's most famous slogan, created in the 80s: "If there's no La Casera, we're leaving." Because when you understand the whole story behind it, you realize the value the product holds. We reinforced the message with a mantra that repeats throughout the commercial: "Here, things are either done right or not done at all." And we creatively resolved it with a single situation, like the ads of the past. Shot on 35mm film to give the piece the texture it needs and, above all, relying on humor, which for many years was a trademark of the brand.
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